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MSCA Bylaws (the "Blue Book")



The vision of the Minnesota School Counselor Association is to actively promote excellence in the profession of school counseling by providing the leadership, advocacy, support, and resources needed to instill student success in school, home, and the global community.

MSCA’s Mission

To unite those persons engaged in guidance and counseling at the elementary, secondary, and college level in educational institutions of Minnesota, public and private.

To make guidance and counseling more effective, and to promote an understanding of guidance and counseling services through the dissemination of information to other educational workers and to lay people in general.

To cooperate with educational institutions and organizations interested in the promotion of guidance and counseling services.

To work toward improving the qualifications for guidance and counseling personnel in Minnesota, and to engage in such other activities as may promote the general social and economic welfare of its members.

MSCA’s Primary Goals

To advance the profession of school counseling in order to maximize the academic, career planning, and personal-social growth of each student.

To advance professional development opportunities in areas of critical need and make such opportunities available to all Minnesota Professional School Counselors.

To make available relevant research and evaluation that supports school counseling as an integral component of education.

To sponsor and promote legislative policy supporting Minnesota Professional School Counselors and child advocacy.

To educate on and uphold professional and ethical standards which articulate the code of conduct and professional behavior for Minnesota Professional School

To strengthen strategic partnerships with stakeholders to benefit Minnesota Professional School Counselors and their students.

To develop and be leaders at the local and state level to champion and lead change initiatives.

MSCA Government Relations

To find information on the MSCA Day on the Hill, please visit our Events page 

MSCA Ethics

Ethical inquiries should be sent to [email protected].
American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Ethical Responsibilities